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Friday, May 13, 2011

Versi Lain Video ‘Unholy Confession’

Yay. Kami menemukan video ini di youtube. Di video ini masih terlihat sosok The Rev yang masih hidup, mendampingi awal karir A7X. The Rev in memoriam. Fans banyak yang merasa terharu dengan video ini. Mereka masih merindukan sosok The Rev yang ceria , energik dan selalu memberi semangat pada band member yang lain. Rest In Peace ‘The Rev’.
Ini adalah puisi dari salah satu fans The Rev:
R.I.P. Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan

As I remember that fateful morning.
Of the death of a man I’d been lifelong adoring.
I got the news shortly after midnight.
And just knew it couldn’t be right. No way The Rev had died,
But my fears I knew could never hide.
Panic consumed me with suicide in mind.
A reason to live I was hoping to find.
The night drags on as the pain becomes real.
No words describing just how I feel.
How could this happen to him?
How could this life become so dim?
Days passed without relief.
Funeral arrives with so much grief.
A life cut short with no reason why.
Only thousands of fans left to cry.
Eventually I learn to cope with the pain.
Though still feeling like a dog in the rain.
With no warm shelter with you gone.
Nothing feels right, just so wrong.
Create Date : Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Justin Hendricks
Youll always be in our heart foREVer.

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